To stay competitive in today’s economy and growing online shopping trend retail and office centers should create shopping experiences families can’t find at home or office. Niuniu Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.understands retail’s needs. With thousands of shopping play areas worldwide, we help our customers to increase foot traffic through creating unique and customized play environments that drive families to their businesses again and again. Installing Niuniu Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.structure has proven to increase foot traffic, not only for one store but for the entire shopping center.

Make Your Attraction even more Attractive

Niuniu Amusement Equipment Co., not only provides fun, safer place for kids to be active – it also attracts families to your destination and keep them coming back.

Add Entertainment

Stores and shopping centers should use entertainment to stay competitive and attract shoppers. Installing our Niuniu Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.structure will provide another great reason for people to visit, stay longer and re-visit. For over 30 years we made shopping centers recreational shopping destinations and we can do the same for you.

Be Innovative

In competitive economy, we will help you find the innovative ways to entice your customers and increase their length of stay. Installing one-size-fits-all play areas is not an option for shopping centers to stand out. Your play area should be uniquely designed to speak to your customer, your community and culture of your location.

Healthy Play Area is a Key

Retail Centers should create play areas that are as healthy for kids as they are for business. Our playgrounds are built to last for years, indoors or outdoors. We use only the best materials to create healthy play areas for kids of all ages and abilities. Our structures are designed for easy cleaning and low maintenance, every component is accurately crafted to provide the ultimate in safety and durability.