Uncovering injuries at indoor play centers

Indoor trampolines are one of the newer, popular activities for kids in Central Texas. We've learned hundreds of injuries happen at these indoor play centers each year, but you'll never know about them.

This day wasn't supposed to be life-changing for 10-year-old Lillian Handy. It was supposed to be a normal Saturday with friends at Jumpstreet, an indoor trampoline center in Cedar Park.

Surveillance video shows Lillian running from lane to lane, right in front of one of Jumpstreet's workers.

"I didn't even see the guy coming," she explained.

Another child trying to do a double flip collides with Lillian; breaking her arm in multiple places.

"For a second it was all black and then I heard this big crack noise," she explained.

It was a horrifying experience for her mother.

"She was just screaming ‘Help! Help!’ So I'm already running, having to run down the hall and around a barricade," Lillian’s mother Trina recalled.

Two years and several surgeries later, Lillian's arm is disfigured.

Trina says it all happened because of a lack of supervision creating a "dangerous and hazardous condition;” the reason she filed a lawsuit against Jumpstreet.