Kids have fun at game



The "meaning-first" campaign is working, the "happy-first" campaign is the game. Children, especially young children, whose social ability is very weak. The child's natural way of doing things is instinctive. People’s nature is pursue happiness and avoid suffering. Therefore, children naturally like to play.

  So, bright educators adopts the way of “edutainment” ,they would tell children, let’s play a digital game. But for unprofessional educators, they would say: It’s time to study Math.

  Actually, it is our responsibility to transform study into the game, it’s a natural. That’s like children have less digestive capability, we need to soften and break up the food.

  For children, especially in the first three years, they should not pursuit happiness  just for meaning. If we can’t turn the study or something valuable into the game, we’d rather not to learn it. Imposing on children will knock their inner harmony, so their magical and perfect inner mechanism will fail to work. They will only get a scanty knowledge. It does not make much difference to study in the future. But, once the child's psychological and internal coordination is disturbed and destroyed, education will get half the results with twice the effort. Nowadays, more and more parents eager for quick success and instant benefits, they aim at kid’s successful, they show kids off, it is bad for children’s development. It cause study careless, and children have lost their glorious nature. They will gradually lost their natural zest for life, there was a blank look in their eyes, they frowned more and more, it should definitely avoid who really understand and love their children.

 Besides, children are learning from the game, learning is multifaceted, in addition improve knowledge, it can also gain experience, growth heart, their attitude toward life and people gradually formed. These are valuable learning.Most of the time, although the objective learning tasks are not achieved, but other aspects never stopped. So, parents spanks their children only for children who are not willing to recite Tang Poems, it must be really stubborn.





  People are afraid of loneliness, whenever how arrogant he is, whenever how unusual he is, whenever how shy he is, he also needs to communicate and desire to be concerned. The reason why humans can survive and develop is because they are dependent on each other.

  The humanity takes one kind of high-quality animal, People's spiritual and emotional needs are much higher than other species. So, people are generally eager to be concerned, be valued, be moved, be accompanied. Therefore, people seeking friends and love, they value their friendship highly, they value their emotional attribution.

  Although children are not very mature, their needs for others are much higher than adults. Whether children can get enough care from their parents, and whether parents and kids can establish a close relationships like friends, it plays an important role for children’s personality development. Whether children can get close friendship and get into the peer group successfully, it also plays a key role for children’s growth. Because  children can not only obtain the emotional support from partner, but also provide experiences and try something, and adjust themselves through friend’s view. Lacking enough exchanges with friends will create obstacles for children in their healthy growth.

  Children will pursuit virtual friends such as animals and dolls who are lacking of real friends. They places their feelings through virtual friends, express their preliminary understanding of society and life, and play a role. Although it may be a childish behavior in their parent’s eyes, but it is necessary for themselves. We should not only allow the presence of this behavior, but also try our best to let them join in, and have fun with children.