How to accompany child is high quality company?

First, parents accompany can make child realize himself importance and create more topics between parents and children.

Secondly, not only parents work accompany is to child, but also for their own, this shift can allow adults to have a better quality to get along with their children.


Third, this kind of accompanied is children really need. When parents play with their child, children can learn how to cooperation with others, and learn a lot of good quality from adults. Parents stay with child when they are working, children will learn how to play alone, which is accompanied by his own time .Many children has nothing to do when they leave their parents, this is because the parents did not give their child a chance to play their own sake.


Someone also say that if they do not stay with children play, he really did not know how to play, he will be very boring. Well, kids occasional boredom is a must, as adults, everyone needs a little boring time, so that we can know what should to do next, it can be said that is with our own heart nearest time when we bored, is also our truly independent thinking time.


Fourth, from the perspective of children's health, children can have a real self who in this way to trained. He is in the development of his own self when he was playing alone; when parents accompany him to play, his self is put down. The combination of these two kinds of company, child have the space to develop themselves, but also to put down their own time.